Looking for SEO services in Lebanon? You probably got in the right place. We are the team of SEO professionals that works in Market Rats agency. Market Rats is specialized SEO company that is collecting experience in SEO world since 2010.

We could help, if you are interested in finding answers to questions below:

  • Is Lebanon the right market for selling my products or services with Google Search help?
  • What is the best market for selling my goods with Google Search help?
  • How big is the competition in Lebanon on Google Search?
  • How much do I need to spend on SEO in order to get better positions in Lebanon on Google?
  • Is my website prepared enough for competing for TOP 3 positions on Google Search?
  • What do I need to do for getting TOP results on Google Search?

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If you are wondering...

How long does it take in order to see the results of SEO works in Lebanon?

In short - usually 6-12 months. It depends on competition and resources that we have for project. SEO expert could adjust the duration after your market research.

How much does SEO services cost in Lebanon?

It might be that you probably have already heard - IT DEPENDS ON THE MARKET. Truly - it does. SEO company needs to make the research on your market that you are interested in: how strong competitors are, how active on Google Search they are, what structure of the website they have, what content they use and so on.

We could offer you 2 methods of setting your budget:

Budget method: set approximate budget for a year. During the meeting with SEO experts, you could ask, what could you get in the end with your set amount of budget for spending on SEO. They would make calculations and give you the answer for that price. Quite easy!

Purpose method: arrange meetings with several agencies before hiring them and define goals that you want to reach after first year of project optimization. The service providers would give you best price offer for reaching that goals and you can evaluate, if it is cheap or expensive service and affordable for this moment.

Why to choose us as a SEO service provider for you project in Lebanon?

  • International SEO services experience. We are SEO company, based in Lithuania, Europe. Nevertheless, we could offer SEO services in almost all countries in the world, including Lebanon. Through many years, we have already worked with projects in various countries and have experience in: Spain, USA, Poland, UK, Slovakia, UAE, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and others...
    We worked with more than 200 customers and more than 500 websites.
  • Specialization - constantly monitored projects. If there is a need, we do one-time optimization works, however, we specialize in regular projects.
  • Experience in e-commerce market. So far, we worked directly with more than 50 e-commerce projects. Our optimization algorithms are used by more than 800 online stores.
  • A great experience in a startup market. Every startup we worked with for at least 8 months, has reached the next step, called “investment stage”, or it was successfully sold.

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