SEO services

Do you see business as a system?

If your answer was NO, there is no reason for you to read any further and waste your time and ours.

However, if you agree that business is a system then trying to determine its existence in probably the largest media in the world – search systems results ‒ with one single marketing campaign is futile. Is the internet a space where nothing is changing and the results are steady?

Timing is one of the most important elements in determining the competitiveness of websites. The earlier you start, the better. Especially bearing in mind that there will be only 10 lucky ones (when considering the positions by keyword) in the best case scenario.

We do not offer you one-off optimization plans or any other search engine positions for LTL 100-1000. We understand that the internet and especially the SERP* (search engine results) are highly dynamic and calculation-friendly media; therefore, we believe that continuous and measurable work is the key to marketing and also business success.

Market Rats SEO services are based on two “pillars”:

- visitors

- search engine results positioning

a. Your online communication and website will not be effective without visitors ‒ people who learn about/become interested in your products, service and ideas. The SEO strategy, based on the attraction of visitors, is a strategy aimed at the optimal use of funds for the attracting of target visitors. We recommend it to everyone who wants to be visible online.

b. The SEO strategy of taking over positions online. In this case we do not calculate a direct return on every penny spent. There is a market and there are market leaders. This strategy is intended for the customers who know the importance of being in the Google Top 3 search results and are willing to invest, because in some Lithuanian markets SEO prices, if compared with the return on investment, are very low.

Market Rats position:

We work with only one client and determine the market(s) together.

If we believe that the SEO services will not generate a return, we do not work with the client.

We are not afraid to make mistakes. We are not afraid of growing.

If you have no serious ambitions about being among the best (not necessarily the largest) participants – investment into the Market Rats SEO services is too much of a long-term investment. The best positions cannot be achieved in one day.

We love good people, orderly businesses and believe in their future, we are against any defaming, blackmailing or sabotaging of competitors.

We understand the SEO process as a system ‒ better to lose a battle but win the war.

Do you have any questions? Contact us, we don't bite.